Lighting and CCTV combined

A safer environment for all

What price can you put on peace of mind? CCTV systems allow residents to feel safe in their home, confident that the high quality cameras are continually recording the movements of people and vehicles in the public areas surrounding their property.

Create a crime-free space

CCTV systems act as a powerful deterrent to thieves and undesirable visitors. In the event that the security of a home or personal property of a resident is compromised, they have instant access to footage.

Easy monitoring

Because HiSpec CCTV recording are accessed instantly via a website, residents can view camera footage, or immediately allow police remote access in the event that a problem arises.

Freedom to live & play

With the knowledge that public areas are under continued surveillance, parents can confidently allow children to pay and interact with their peers within the subdivision.

Privacy Assured

The system will be setup so only roads, subdivision entrances and publics areas are recorded. No recording of private property will be retained.